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I’m gonna take a break from art here for a second since I haven’t done anything in a couple weeks and instead I’m just going to share some of my honeymoon pictures with everyone.  These are just a small sampling, but I think they adequately capture my favorite memories of Italy: the gondola ride, the night we got caught in the rain in St. Mark’s Square, the night we might all those puppies in a small town in Tuscany and how blue the water was along the Amalfi coast.  Such a wonderful time full of wonderful memories!!!:D

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Here’s a bookmark design for all my fellow Lord of the Rings fans out there!  Included one without the text just cuz I like how that looks too:)

Is there somewhere I could buy these? They’re gorgeous. :)

Thanks! I’m not currently selling them, but stay tuned and in a couple months I will almost certainly be putting them up in an Etsy shop!:)